So, National Mentoring Month 2024 has come and gone, highlighting the value of the mentoring relationship and showcasing how mentors can positively influence the lives of others.

So, what next? How do we keep a lens on this valuable interaction? I write a blog piece…that’s what!

I want to focus on the value of being a mentor, be that inside or outside of your organisation, formally or informally. I have had the opportunity to do both, previously and currently. And I want to say something about what I get from such a relationship and why I want to promote it to others.

Why do I Mentor?

Experience + Passion = Legacy

Does it sound too pompous to use the word legacy? I hope not because what I want is to be proud of my 30+ years in the world of work, the experiences I have had and the skills, knowledge I have gained along the way. I want to share the highs and lows of my experience and what I have learned, to help the next generation of leaders.

And gawd! Do I love telling a story. Being mentored by me requires a sitting comfortably chair but I’d hope there is plenty of advice, guidance and a little inspiration in what I have to offer.

Everyday Learning = The Fountain of Youth!

Ok…that might be a bit of a stretch. Maybe mentoring won’t stop my hair from greying or my body from sagging but it does keep my brain super alive and active.

Mentoring gives me a space to learn as much as I am offering. I find the interaction a wholesome dual relationship which fosters great connection from which insights on latest trends and the ways different demographics view the world of work distinct from the demographics I live in.

I am committed to being an everyday learner and mentoring is a great assist with that.

Communications + Active Listening = Continuous Development

Now, whilst this might not necessarily be your focus for development, it remains very much at the top of my stack. By focusing here, I find it easier to stay present and aware of self and others. What is happening right now? What’s called for? What is the mentee requesting? And focusing here elicits moments in which to reflect…moments for empathy and compassion…moments for just dealing with the small stuff which will unlock so much more.

By staying committed to the continual evolution of these skills, I am better able to mentor AND coach.

Why do I want to shout about it?

I have concentrated here on what is to be gained from being a Mentor because I totally appreciate that for many of us, we might just think we are too busy with all the other things that flood into our working day.

And what would happen if we changed “I’m too busy” into “It’s not a priority”?

Is sharing knowledge and experience, your continued learning and development not priorities? When put like that, I hope it gives you a little jolt!

I’m shouting about mentoring to say, let’s look after our leaders of the future as well as keeping ourselves fresh and current and always learning as matters of priority.

What have you got to lose?

Bobby Davis is also in conversation on this topic with Bridge Forster, her partner in crime on their podcast “More Than a Lumpy Jumper. Catch this episode and more here More Than A Lumpy Jumper Podcast – Being In and Being A Great Support System on Spotify


Bobby Davis is a qualified executive and team coach with extensive experience in organisational development, business change (the people angle), human resources and personal leadership.

Her coaching experience is against a backdrop of 30+ years working in managerial and human resources/OD roles in the British Army, Not for Profits, Professional Services and most recently with a private equity owned Hotel Group.

She has led the People “strand” within large business transformation programmes, creating people strategies, internal coaching schemes and embedding strong performance cultures, as well as supporting at all levels of an organisation to implement effective change.

She is absolutely passionate in her pursuit to support, challenge and deliver sustainable change for individuals, teams and organisations, one person at a time if necessary!

You can catch her for a chat about coaching, using your body better as a leader and/or supporting you in HR/OD here Bobby Davis FCIPD PCC | LinkedIn