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More than a lumpy jumper – Third season of a podcast to blow up barriers to female leadership

Female military veterans collaborate on an irreverent podcast

Are you an aspiring or established leader, tired of sanitised talk in leadership podcasts that make you feel inadequate with their discussions of unrealistic perfection? Come and join the chat with Bobby and Bridge (the 2 B’s) in their conversations on “Being…” They are military veterans – female trailblazers who have several decades of leadership under their ever-expanding belts. With experience between them of the military, humanitarian explosive ordnance disposal, coaching, law, HR, the menopause and a lot of wine they approach leadership in a down to earth and often irreverent way. This season they will be covering topics from creating teams, inclusion and belonging, loneliness in leadership, imposter syndrome, avoiding silos, why blame interferes with learning lessons, effective meetings, resilience, spiritual leadership and a shout out to lifelong friends (with some special guests) during Armed Forces Week. While they can sometimes meander onto who would play them in a movie, inconvenient hot flashes and stories from their time at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst that may or not involve underwear, they get back on point eventually. These two very old (less focus on the old please) friends hope you’ll laugh a little, learn a lot and above all realise that you are never alone or the only one to mess it up completely.

What exactly is a Lumpy Jumper? – a less than politically correct (sometimes affectionate and sometimes less so) term to describe a female solder. The third season of this increasingly popular podcast starts with an episode on building dynamic teams (through the lens of the Avengers).
Bridge has been a soldier, a lawyer and a humanitarian aid worker. She has always been passionate about leaders leading people rather than processes. After working as a UK Barrister, Bridge joined the UN where she worked as the UN Country Director for the Explosive Ordnance Disposal programme in Palestine. After leaving the UN in 2022 she created “Be the Bridge Today”. She now delivers advisory, training and facilitation support to help organisations to have discussions about what needs to be in place for people to thrive rather than survive in the workplace and create leadership cultures that provide the space for increased diversity and all the benefits for both men and women that arise from that. When she is not being a bomb goddess or a pivot priestess, she is a crazy cat woman, a bad wife and a pretty frog (according to her husband)

Camberley resident Bobby is a qualified executive and team coach with extensive experience in organisational development, business change, human resources and personal leadership. Described as a “warrior with a maternal instinct”, she is fierce in her commitment to supporting others to create new habits and live more fulfilled lives both in work, home and play. Her life and leadership experiences are against a backdrop of 30+ years working in the British Army, Not for Profits, Membership Services and most recently Hospitality. Now she is out in the world doing her own thing. Bobby is a firm believer that we already have all of the answers for ourselves. Her role as coach is to support others in unlocking what might have been put in the “too difficult to deal with” pile or locked very tightly in a box. She loves a natter over good food (and wine) and her favourite pastime is belly laughing until she cries.


Notes to Editors:
Episode 1 Being a Dynamic Team Builder will be released on 30 April. Upcoming episodes include topics on Self-compassion and resilience for Mental Health Awareness Week (13-19 May), Loneliness in Leadership for Loneliness Awareness Week (10-16 June) , and a shout out to lifelong friends (with some special guests) for Armed Forces Week (21-26 June).