Episode 3 : Being Your Own Change

Ooooooooooooooo A GUEST!

Bobby and Bridge are joined by Steve White – NED, Executive Coach, Board Advisor and Deputy Chair of BLESMA (the Armed Forces Charity for Limbless Veterans) as they chat about living and learning through their decades in Leadership Roles. What would they go back and tell their 20 something versions? What have they learnt along the way?

And whilst Steve wanted to be introduced as “once a tw*t always a tw*t”, he’s anything but. Full on human being who cares deeply for others whilst keeping things light and full of cheeky banter.

About Steve: Steve is currently the Chairman at Moat Homes Limited, a Board Member for Orwell Housing Association and Deputy Chair for BLESMA (Armed Forces Charity for Limbless Veterans) and most importantly…. he was once Bobby’s Boss. Steve was part of the first all-amputee team to swim the English Channel in 2014 and recently became the first amputee to swim the 14 km across Lake Geneva. If you would like to donate to BLESMA, the JustGiving page is in the links below.


Our Amazing Guest!
Steve White

Caitlin Moran
(2) Caitlin Moran: More than a Woman | All About Women 2021 – YouTube

Brene Brown
Brené Brown (brenebrown.com)

Simon Sinek
Simon Sinek

Military Charity for Limbless Veterans – Blesma
Military Charity for Limbless Veterans | Blesma

Steve’s Lake Geneva Swim Just Giving page