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An affectionate, pre-politically correct term to describe a female soldier. Derived from the wondrous vision of voluptuous thrusting “funbags”, tightly encased in an issue woolly pully, bouncing across the parade square – ARRSEPedia

Meet your co-hosts Bobby and Bridge (the 2B’s) who have something to say about this perception of women in the Military, women in leadership, being a woman in general, the men in their life and much, much more. These two ripened, irreverent, life energised women have known each other for over 30 years – from 20 something, feral, gobby female trailblazers at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst to now a little less feral, still gobby 50 somethings with LOTS to stay about their experiences of life, leadership and being lead. They are collaborating to share conversations about leadership in the real world – the good, the bad and the ugly.

If you are an aspiring leader, or an established leader and you are tired of sanitised discussions about perfection in leadership then come and join their conversations on “Being…”. Whilst they tend to meander a little because – menopause brain – they do get there in the end. They hope you’ll laugh a bit, learn a bit and above all realise you are never alone or the only one to make a complete f*ck up of something!



Bridge Forster is the priestess of pivoting. She has several decades of leadership experience starting as an officer in the British Army.

After leaving the Military, she practiced as a Barrister for about a decade and then left the Law to work with the United Nations as a Project Coordinator with the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS), overseeing programmes for the removal of unexploded ordnance in Libya. She trained in hostage incident negotiation, security risk management and then, in response to the lack of females in the mine action sector, she qualified in Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), training with the Danish Army Engineers. She took on the role of Head of Mission for UNMAS in Palestine in 2018 where she was one of a handful of female Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) operators working globally for the UN.

She was the recipient of the UN Secretary General’s Award for Gender Parity in 2019. She has always been passionate about leaders leading people rather than processes and since leaving the UN she created “Be the Bridge Today” to deliver advisory, training and facilitation support to help organisations to have discussions about what needs to be in place for people to thrive rather than survive in the workplace and create leadership cultures that provide the space for increased diversity and all the benefits for both men and women that arise from that. When she is not being a bomb goddess or a pivot priestess she is a crazy cat woman, a bad wife and a pretty frog (according to her husband)



Bobby Davis is a qualified executive and team coach with extensive experience in organisational development, business change (the people angle), human resources and personal leadership.

Described as a “warrior with a maternal instinct”, she is fierce in her commitment to supporting others to create new habits and live more fulfilled lives both in work, home and at play.

Her life and leadership experiences are against a backdrop of 30+ years working in the British Army, Not for Profits, Membership Services and most recently Hospitality. Now she is out in the world doing her own thing as an Independent.

Bobby is a firm believer that we already have all of the answers for ourselves. Her role as coach is to support others in unlocking what might have been popped into the shadows, put in the “too difficult to deal with” pile or locked very tightly in a box!

So, what about leadership? Well Bobby is something of an open book, who will tell you about when she got it right and equally when she didn’t. And she stays committed to every day being a learning day, learning as much from her grandson to the lady on the bus she just met, to her closest friends and family who have been with her forever. She loves a natter over good food (and wine!) and her favourite pastime is belly laughing until she cries.

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